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  • Hi Klaus,

    I saw that the twin face is available again, I hope for a quick dispatch of my order (222622).

    I await your communications.

    Best regards

    Gaetano Miano

    • Hi Klaus,

      I realized that I made a mistake in the order, I would like to replace the article number "decalinkwus" (Decal for inkjet/laser white 21,6x27,9cm) with the article number "decalinkus" (Decal for inkjet printers 21,6x27,9cm). I can see from the website that they are the same price.

      Best regards.

      Gaetano Miano

    • Your welcome, I changed the Decal. Your order will be picked up by courier later this day!

  • Hi Klaus, Is there any news regarding my order no. 222622 (twin face), it's been almost a month since the order. I await your communications. Gaetano Miano

    • Hi Gaetano,

      thank you for getting back to me. It seems you haven´t received my message from 06.04. and 19.04.? I also wrote an answer on the eMail you send over the contact form. The Twin Face pcbs are not available at the moment, I will get them back end of this / beginning of next week. My question was if you can wait that long or maybe like to build a different project?

      Best regards


    • Hi Klaus, I'm waiting for the twin face to arrive, keep me updated when you'll be able to ship the products.

      Best regards