Big Muff Pi + Mini Me + Pumpernickel

Here's a short info by my pictures.

The first effect I had made was the Big Muff Pi. As I am using with bass, I made the Russian Black version.
I am using it over an Ampeg SVT V9 Blackline top and a 8x10" Fridge.
After trying out I have put in a Buff and Blend pcb in it to have more lows on the output.
I am very satisfied with the sound of this fuzz.
The design was made in Photoshop.

The second effect is the Mini Me Chorus, quite simple to do and sounds very good.

The last one I made is the Pumpernickel Bass Compressor.
A little more difficult to put together ,but well worth the work.
This one is sounding really good as well.

As you can see on the picture of my pedalboard, the status led is very bright, this is the next thing to resolve.