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    I have been playing around with it.. when I first tried it I had it running by itself and got all the crazy tones you can expect. After I put it back together, because the protection diode had cracked ( I have no idea how that happened ), I played it as part of the split/mixed board I built with the Pro-cessor kit.

    The Pro-cessor is a buffered pedal and I was blending the fuzz factory with an acapulco gold, it sounded good but not crazy like the fuzz factory should. I thought I had done something wrong.

    Well it turns out that the fuzz factory only goes crazy when there's a high impedance input like a guitar and not a buffered pedal, I'll get a Y splitter and route things differently.

    The TFK AC116 ones are even taller ( I think )

    I ordered some Si 2N3905/6 for 60 cents a piece from mouser because I had a substantial order and free shipping.

    I think it sounds fine to my ears, I might order some replacement and just bend them to make them fit just as an experiment. It's not like a fuzz factory needs a fixed bias point, I may be giving away some of the "usable" range by not swapping the fixed resistors but it works..

    I just put together the Fuzz Factory, it's a bit of a rat's nest but it's fine, I had an easier time building the Acapulco Gold kit, the switch pcb is a nice touch, I don't know why the fuzz factory didn't have one.

    Anyway, I put it together and it worked, I hadn't cut the leads on the TFK AC 116. but when I finally did I realised that they wouldn't fit in the enclosure anymore, even if I solder them. They're in the trash now. I didn't want to create antennas with long leads. I expected different transistors and not such tall ones tbh, are the TFK AC 116 replacements for it? I know we have to take whatever replacements we can get our hands on sometimes.

    What should I be looking to order now as a replacement? I'm not sure I want to order from musikding again, the shipping took over 2 months. I'd like to find something in north america.