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    Ok I'm only seeing 17.6v across the bias pot.

    Also does anyone have a good way to house this pot inside the chassis. Having the adjustment exposed to the outside of the chassis isn't great.

    No you.did.a good job translating. Certainly better than I could do translating English to German or Dutch.

    And right you are. I see it there now.

    They are crossing. I looked, I took the board out and looked and saw that the wires were crossing too close for comfort. A slight press on the rectifier and it would have shorted.

    I think some things are lost in translation into English in the instruction manual. Not a massive issue for someone who has built a few circuits and has an idea that pitfalls happen in the most unlikely places. But to someone new, who only speaks English, it could have been explained in writing on the section about populating the power board.
    Not a massive problem. It doesn't matter who you are, you have to check and check again.
    Thank you for spotting it Simon. I wouldn't have seen it without you.

    Why is that Simon? the lugis exposed anyway. There's no RF shielding from rubber insulation

    Glooping, is to seal in this context

    No but I plan on glooping the board securing bolt next to the rectifier. I'll take a look later.

    No, just showing what I've done so far and wanted to encourage anyone who may have spotted something that I've overlooked to voice their concern.
    I know my component placement is right. And every component aside from the rectifier has been checked once coming out of the bag, and again before placement

    Hi guys.
    Got myself an A15MK2 kit for Christmas. The wife knows it will keep me quiet.

    Not my first venture into amp building. I've made an 18watt lite and a couple of TMB's in the past. As well as making various modifications to many amps. Making pedals, pickups, switching systems.

    I over estimated myself and mistakenly ordered the A15 kit rather than the A15 Deluxe kit. But Klaus managed to sort that out for me and sell me a Deluxe chassis. So I've been able to take up the build again after a two week break.

    Here are some pictures. If anyone sees anything glaringly wrong, please feel free to call me silly.