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    I've searched the forum the best I can and used google translate which come with loss of sometimes critical info. So I'm asking here.

    I bought the High Gain Preamp kit a couple of weeks ago and I'm now populating the main and output boards. I'm a little confused though regarding the K1000-1001 "mute-switch" relays.

    ¤ I recieved one 410 with the kit, is that sufficient or do I need to have one more for the output board?

    ¤ Also, regarding the output board I have understood that something's up with one of the pins on K1001, what is it exactly I'm supposed to do here?

    ¤ The other "K's", K1-12, I recieved only one SIL05 relay with a built-in diode, the rest is without one. I read somewhere that you can add a diode between the middle legs and that would be same thing. My question is if I have add a diode on every relay or not? If not, where should I put it/them?

    Thanks in advance.