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    This is one of the most hostile forums that I have ever been on

    I am sorry to be harsh but I’m truly expressing my feelings I also felt attacked, mocked and bullied of everyone laughing against my partial inexperience but also not able to defend myself lacking the usage of technical knowledge and words.

    Anyway from the amp technician:

    The amp is made by cheap Chinese components

    • After too much soldering on the channel switch (very cheapy chinese) the switch broke, so we replace it
    • Very cheap input switch and fuse holder all very low quality the fuse socket broke or was broken already
    • PT and OT are basically standard cheap no datasheets never seen anything like that

    I am happy now because that is my last post.


    I know that of course can kill, but is already finished and working. Specific instructions, sent by Tonefactory Netherlands so clear so easy completed in 2 days 4 hours in Total , there must be a reason :) in any case is much simpler project than the Madamp referring to my kit, which was a 15 Watts dual channel, much more complex compared with 5F1

    Absolutely agreed low project like the 5F1 Champ I have completed yesterday, thanks this is something true and I will follow up your advise.

    Einige der "alten Hasen" verfolgen hier eine ganz klare Linie:

    Wenn bei Amps oder anderen Geräten mit gefährlichen Spannungen jemand die nötige Einsicht und Vorsicht vermissen lässt, kriegt er entsprechend deutliche Hinweise, oder man hält sich ganz raus. Keinesfalls aber erhält er Tipps in der Sache, die ihn zum Weitermachen animieren.

    Es wäre gut, wenn sich da alle dran halten würden.

    Writing in German doesn't feel so respectful because to understand I had to translate, I will not post any post here asking questions, no worries. This is the first time in 10 years of music forums of all kind that I am having issues . I didn't lose trust on Madamp amp, even if I'll buy another one I won't need any help any more , so at the end of the day since the day one, before even all the polemic started the usual 5 people always replied so the people responding are always the same 5 maybe because of the English not sure. Never mind I am out too.


    Beeing curious again. Can you post instructions, which you found to be better?

    I am astonished, because the Madamp instructions are excellent in my opinion.


    Ok look I pass you two type of instructions Madam Amp and Stewmac or Tonefactory and you tell yourself. Anyway… I am not saying madam amp isn’t good but for example photos are blurry, they are not exactly step by step but look it doesn’t matter anymore everyone can think differently

    I just purely expressed my opinion

    Like I said the amp is nice

    If you check feedback left by people even if 4 or 5 stars they are saying the same and… to add even Klaus said they will improve instructions.

    Today I started 5F1 actually the other day I done the board today completed everything else in 2 hours amp working fine instructions perfect

    However without going anymore into political I will definitely follow all of your instructions including all suggestions I had and overall I am happy with help received including yours, Micha Simon and Martin and everyone else

    I will eventually get more experience by building simple kit like the 5F1

    Thanks all, once more I just expressed my opinion


    Hey All

    So PT is ok and it was correctly connected after correcting the heater wires to the correct lug

    So what my friend found out beside that blown fuse on fuse 2, another thing that was broken, is a lug on the fuse socket 1 basically no connection to primary side.

    Now the Amp works there is just a buzz noise

    Everything else is done ok including all connections. We are looking right now at buzz noise.

    I have learnt more stuff and how to measuring volts and basic troubleshooting.

    However like my friend said also instructions could be a lot better especially for people that have no exact ideas or experience.

    Is true especially if I compare with competitors ,but the amp is nice especially for the price you get something decent and cool.

    I’ll posto photos and video of the amp operating


    Your transformer seems to match revision 1.1 of the German manual from 2008? So it seems, that you have got either an older transformer or you have got an even older documentation?

    Just beeing curious: The documentation, you have got, which revision state and date has it? Is there some marking on the transformer or on it's package, when it was produced?

    I hope, that the transformer is still working and I am glad, that you have found somebody, who can have a look at your amp in reality.

    Good luck! Christof

    It says:

    28.05.06 Revision 2.5 Seite 2

    The transformer was in a small white box as large as the PT itself, no datasheets, neither matches the lugs or numbering described but in any case it was connected correctly. I had no news from the guy it took it at his place he's busy with some stuff I just finished build a 5F1, very nice little Amp this one was super easy

    You think,but you´r not Sure !

    Please hold on, unfortunately is not like you are saying. Before I further post, I let you know when the guy get back to me I don't want and I am very tired about polemic, you have helped and I thank you but do not just come to conclusion that is me wrong only because I don't understand certain things. We all got clear that i am not an expert but now let's wait for this guy to check.

    It seems that the fuse was probably already blown and that was not the issue why is not functioning. I game him schematics and is giving me the favor to check

    I think those wiring are the correct one they do match my PT and they were corrected this way exactly like that

    I wrote to Klaus, before this incident, that I was not happy and that there were issues with following instructions, at that time pointed out the PT lugs no visible, and in addition told that no datasheets included and that was not clear how to build this part of the amp, and told him I was just relying on Forum. However on that last email I never had a reply I was very upset asking to return the whole thing, but there got not reply too so....not sure. Now I have sent the Amp to this professional guy, isn't the friend I mentioned once but someone else and seems PT issues but I am awaiting for full confirmation.

    I had this looked by professional, and beside a blown fuse , fuse 2 and wiring to socket were actually OK too, yesterday i mentioned could have been something wrong there, instead not, all wiring as mentioned several times and all caps resistors the whole thing is correctly built.

    It turns out that this is Broken OT and obviously I didn't do anything wrong since it was never turned on until the day before yesterday and was not given no sign of life. I had to give it to this guy to check it at his place, as the strange thing is that there is the power on switch light turning on red.

    He had no time to fully check exactly everything but there is something wrong on Primary side of PT. Obviously my incompetence to provide evidence made all this more complicated so let me know what to do as in this scenario, there should have been already response from Klaus but when I wrote the email to him I didn't know about this issue yet. Anyway even this guy that professionally builds Amps told me where is the datasheets....which was never included, to be honest on primary side you can't even see lugs number. Again i know with measurements can be obtained I was unfortunately not able to cope with that, this guy showed me now how to do it,

    what next i am waiting for final confirmation that is PT faulty but looks like something isn't right for sure with it, will keep you posted

    Japp,that´s all right,an I think so too :thumbup:

    And I think,in the Other Thread, MAD send him updated Papers to this PT Via email,so he should have all relevant Documents,he need :/

    For the OT not PT there is NO Datasheet for PT, lugs numbering is wrong do not match Dear Micha really do you think I wanted to lose my time here typing so many times if I had correct and better instructions I would have finished this amp even without the expertise required.

    I have completed and currently using the 18 Watts this is the first one I have completed

    This is the one at the rehearsal place

    so trust me the main problem is my lack of knowledge but there is also issues with instructions clear steps and non matching PT connections lugs, the fact that knowledge can resolve that is a different matter.


    in my personal opinion -as said before- a transformer, that has different connections than in the manual, should be replaced by Musikding. Who can know, if this is the right transformer at all????

    So I suggest, you write to Musikding for either a replacement with the correct connections or a confirmation, that this is really the right transformer together with a clear datasheet where the correct wiring is printed.


    Unfortunately i lost my hopes i have tried but like my friend from repair shop said, even if you are unexperienced you should get the PT with the right lugs numbering or wires color. I agree i lack knowledge but like I always claimed this is not an issue with Tube Town PT they even contain a layout paper inside the PT box this is something that should be a must. Anyway looks like I have found out the issue when is fixed i will post here again

    No One can tell you that,except MAD or Jan Wüsten,maybe just one with same PT.

    This is what you have to find out by yourself,by measuring with Multimeter. This is what you must learn,there comes more what you have to measure later.

    If you still don´t know,how to use a Multimeter,try to learn it by watching Youtube Videos or so

    Thanks Micha you know I will really follow your advise and I really appreciate your help so much . You did your best with me :) I also want to thank you everyone else.

    Ok Thanks All including Martin for the full explanation.

    All I wanted to really know beside the logical understanding was to just tell me connect this there and that there, I wanted to exactly know the lugs numbering on PT because the rest of connections are correct I had someone just now that helped me to check,

    We are checking more now as we speak

    I will review and study more check again and again, I have to succeed on this build somehow and cannot ask you to build it for me using this Forum

    I really do appreciate all the efforts and patient everyone had with me so far


    In terms of a storage engineer: You don't care what Bandwidth is, you usually measure it in MHz or was it °C? You ask if you can use a power-cord instead of a Patchcable and use magnetic discs as temporary caching devices... When it comes to TCP/IP the subnet mask is the one with the always. And if it doesn't work? Blame DELL.

    The point I am trying to make is: We are not talking theory. This is practical stuff that is crucial for taking ANY step.

    Got your point, my was some little example, my job is kind of obvious routine as I have 25 years of experience at Dell, so I don't blame Dell. Here with Electronics I had absolutely 0 % experience never read or talked about voltage current, never built anything before 8 months ago when it all started. I bought a kit from a US friend that works for Stewmac, step by step kit instructions, is kind of copy paste, there way a little issue but was solved in few hours same day at 18 Watts forum but the Schematic was so clear is like building a lego.

    Like Mika said I have done without having any idea of what I was doing, now I will study those basics you mention to have a clear picture.

    However I think you guys are here for using the Amp to play guitar as well and that is what I want to do here using self build amps for the pleasure to plug in my guitar or my Organ Crumar and play