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    It is resolved !

    Yes Hendrix, it was the Nsl-32 that was dead.

    I put the one on the other pedal and it works.

    I put it in the same position as the other (see photos)

    I should have done this first! But, it was amazing because the nsl32 had voltage but was not working.

    And I couldn't imagine a bad solder, being that the other pedal the solders were really not nice and it worked.

    There, I had really applied myself, and concentrated.

    Anyway, thank you very much I learned a lot ! Notably the audio-probe and many things.

    And thank you very much Micha for your involvement! *** and everyone.

    Best regards, super forum 👍

    Thanks for information of value of resistors solder on a pcb ! Different out of pcb/solder

    After R2 ... R3 = no signal, that's stop here

    Yes, i must find a bad soldier perhaps.

    Sorry, it's complicate to find, you help me, you re so kind !

    I will try to find a solution.

    Thank you everyone

    I learned a lot of things!!!

    It's just that the direction I put the nsl32 in is the same direction as the other pedal that works.

    There, I just inverted the nsl-32, it still doesn't work, no tremolo sound.

    I am thinking of replacing the resistor R3, to see.

    I'm going to put the nsl32 back the other way, like on my other working tremolo.

    And thank you all ! Sorry


    Sérieusement, vous devriez être un peu plus reconnaissant et humble ici.

    Nous voulons vous aider… mais ce n'est pas nécessaire…

    Micha vous a donné l'astuce pour utiliser une Audioprobe ou mesurer les contacts entre tous les éléments. Veuillez essayer ceci.

    Hello, I made the audio probe. I gave Hendrix a result. There is no problem.

    Thank you very much for your help. You are a living and helping forum, and direct live, thank you. Sorry, I'm a big beginner.

    But I'm learning a lot of things, I just discovered how to use probe audio, it's great, thank you.

    And i learn many things, also for others persons that could have a utility this topic/tread. Peace

    On one of your Pictures,i have found that,please check,if i´m right:

    But i don´t think this could result in No Sound,maybe no modulation,but yet not sure

    Look at the beginning of the topic

    This is the orientation recommended by Klaus.

    With the lettering in this direction:

    In the same sense as my other pedal which works.

    Vous n'avez pas de condensateurs qui traînent ? Il n'a pas besoin d'être exactement 100n. Le but du condensateur dans cette configuration est simplement de bloquer la tension continue. Vous pouvez tout utiliser entre 10n et 10uF. Vous pouvez même descendre jusqu'à 1n ou quelque chose comme ça, bien que cela puisse changer le son que vous entendez (couper les basses) et ne soit peut-être pas le meilleur choix si vous vérifiez que le son est correct. Mais pour une simple analyse "son/pas de son" ça n'a vraiment pas d'importance, allez avec ce que vous trouvez dans votre tiroir ^^

    Yes, i have a 10uf

    Thanks, i will try for the first time an "audio probe"

    Ok Hendrixs, i follow you

    Hard to understand what you mean, brother :/ In- and outside? Well, I guess your wiring at the switch is not correct, from what I can see. Hard to follow the wires, especially without any obvious color code (good idea to do that for future projects). Although, with a standard 3PDT true bypass wiring there are no spare pins, all 9 pins are connected with something.

    Cheers, Max <3


    I just wanted to say if there was an orientation in the footswitch, but no.

    As long as the orientation of the footswitch is connected with the pins horizontal, there is no problem.

    It was just a matter of turning it over or not. But both ways it works.

    You see what i mean?

    It's a false problem, don't worry

    Yes I checked the footswitch wiring 10 times.

    It's ok.

    It is also the same as on the second kit which works.

    I have a new footswitch, I can rewire on it.

    Before i will try a direct wiring on jack in/out

    Yes, the variation of the light of the led works with the pots space, smooth, speed, etc, as on the other.

    Could there be a problem with a faulty mini-trim pot?