• Welcome.

    I think here´s an "Ami" who´s more Deutschlander than some off us, right? :D

    shrine of appreciation dedicated to you Deustschlanders

    Wrong Shirt, sorry. :saint:

    Actually "Vice-kusen" turn to "Masterkusen" this year, I hope a little bit.

    My hometown club sadly isn´t first class. So I prefer NFL at the moment, as You can see in my avatar. Go, Raiders. Perhaps we can meet sometimes @ Allegiance.

    unfortunately I didn't learn German

    Some Members here even dont speak german. :D

    Good luck with Your projects and have a nice time.


    I might look like I´m listening to You, but in my head I´m playing my guitar!

  • The only reason I had that jersey opposed to any other team was that it was my favorite team to play as in FIFA 2002 lol. My dad's side of the family is all AC Milan fans and we actually saw them at allegiant stadium when they played Barcelona. My in laws do have seats and season tickets so I go see a game with them every so often, we've probably crossed paths without knowing!

    I appreciate the support Michel!

  • On another note, would any of you guys have any recommendations as to what to use for socketing a resistor? I am working on an afterblaster V2 and it recommends socketing a couple of the resistors in order to find the "best one", I just have no clue what the appropriate tools to use are.

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