About the tubes shortage

  • Hi!

    Two years ago, I built a G3 Blues, and it is terrific! This year I would like to build something bigger, and I was reading about the M15 series and the tube shortage. There is any prevision on getting tube stock in the following months?

    If there isn't, I would like to give it a chance and look for the tubes myself, but I would need to know which ones they use. I guess they are 4x 12AX7 + 2x 6V6 (Mk2) or 3x 12AX7 + 2x EL84 (Mk1), but I need confirmation.

    Is there anything more that is not included? (apart from the things that weren't previously included)

    Thanks for all!


  • Hi Martin, thanks for your answer.

    Yes, that is what I meant. I copy-pasted the wrong part of the name :)

    Perfect. I'm going to take a look at these tubes and see if I can get something affordable.


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