The Factory with 3PDT + LED Board

  • Hello,

    this is my first build. The Factory came with the extra 3PDT + LED Board, but there are no instructions on how to join the main PCB with it. I've used the R8 transistor on the 3PDT board, but now I have no idea (also for lack of schematics), how do I connect the LED to the main board and how to connect to the DC jack. I couldn't find any documentation for this, help is much appreciated.

  • It does make more sense,if you would use your Brain :D ;) .

    One of the 9V Pads on the 3pdt Board is for that case,if you mount the DC Jack not on the Top of the Enclosure,but on the Side,and didn´t connect it to the Main PCB,but to the 3pdt PCB and from there to the Main PCB.

    If you Connect DC Jack to Main PCB,and use LED and LED Resistor on 3pdt PCB,you have to connect one o f thte 9V Pads on it (Those are internally connected) to the same or a free 9V Pad on Main PCB or directly to DC Jack.

    This are absolutely Basics,you have to knew and you could find out by yourself,if you would try and search ;)

  • Thanks for the enlightenment. You should go easy on the "brain" jokes, I mentioned this is my first build. Instead of blaming beginners perhaps consider that the documentation is incomplete and that questions like this are bound to arise.

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