3verb gives high oscillations

  • Hi,

    I have build the 3verb pedal, but it does not function well when i turn the decay knob further than 12 o clock. After playing a bit it gives a high oscillation sound that keeps ringing until i turn down the decay knob. Does any of you have experienced this before? I have found several threads that describe a similar problem, but my german is not great. Would you be able to help me identify the problem?

    I have installed a 25k trim pot, as I found this could possibly solve the problem. However, I experience the same problem.

    I will try to upload some photo’s/ sounds tomorrow.



  • Hi and welcome to the forum, Redanian spy :)

    First of all, please post a link to the schematics as well as good pictures of your build including the jacks, the solder joints of the board as well as the switch.


    Max of Rivia <3

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  • It is possible that your Modul is the Issue,you are not the first one with this Problem,look here,exchange of the Module did the trick:

    April 15, 2018 at 4:15 PM

    But before,i would give a try: shorten all your wires,Resolder all Solder Joints,and test with Battery to exclude,oscillations caused by bad Power Supply.

    maybe a smaller Decay Pot could help too, Datasheet recommend a 10K Pot,so you could give a try 10k-50k,but i think you have a Monday Model of your Belton Module ;)

  • Bit late 2 your party: R14 is missing. But as you got some tones out of it i assume you already fixed this. Your case looks like no paint was put on and your jacks aso. are connected to pure metal? Take everything out of the encasing and try it then. If everything works fine it's your lack of isolation. Otherwise go through the schematic step by step. measure twice and look for bad joints.

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