The Face 69er Fuzz Kit - problems

  • contour pot is part of Bias branch,so it is sinful,to measure Bias Voltage of Q2 in several positions maybe his acting depends on Transistors (leakage,hfe),maybe a resistor value must be changed,depending on your actually used Transistors!

    Fulltone also didn´t use AC122 !

    And what the hell did you mean with :

    I also tried it with some AC116's.

    The well played part was a joke ...

  • Ok. The Volumedrop of the Original is slightly subtle but audible:

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    As Micha already said it's because Fulltone actually uses other transistors like 2SB415 and NKT275.

    If you want the full original sound go buy an original.

  • One more thing:

    What did you expect if you start with a new Kit? I would ecpect,that you get the same Result ;)

    I´m not a theoretical high flyer,but your Problem is now a thing of fine tuning the circuit,and not a real failure.

    So some theoretical Experts here would find it out by simulate the circuit with LTspice or so,my procedure would be to study the circuit and compare it with results to other similar Circuits you found in Net,so reading,measuring,compare,calculate and experiment with Components.The Important Part is here to measure,measure what happens if you use the contour Pot?!

    Maybe you have to change some Components, like if it´s not of cause bad connections.

    If you want the full original sound go buy an original.

    Or you had to find out what you must change,to get this Result,

    Fine tuning is the real work on a self build Pedal,it could take Hours to get what you wan´t,solder together a Kit,every one can,but than the Problems begin............

    I couldn´t help you much more from my place here,but I hope,you can do it,or maybe another one could help you better remotely ;)

  • Hey. I feel like there's some tension in the recent responses. Before we put an end to this thread I just wanted to apologize if I came across as rude or unappreciative. Sometimes I perhaps type something, especially if it's a joke, and it comes out different on the other end, it wasn't my intention.

    And regarding the kit itself and the comment about me go buying a real one if I'm not happy with this one. Truth be told, I have not even heard the Fulltone's 69 fuzz prior to writing this help thread and thus it was not my goal to build a pedal like that with this kit. I have heard of it, but have not heard it and what it does.

    The goal was to build a fuzz face type pedal with some added controls.

    And I was just maybe questioning the existence of the Contour knob or its function because I did not understand (due to my own fault) why it's there. I feel like I did the kit unjustice with my comments (not my intention) as I'm sure a lot of hard work goes into designing these.

    So I hope a bit of tension is released ...

    One more and last comment about the whole contour "issue" and I hope it helps someone in the future reading this:

    I spent this morning playing around with different transistors and after I settled on my desired combination, I hooked the pedal to my looper again and thoroughly played with the Volume and Contour controls while carefully listening to the tone. And yes, there IS a difference in tone when turning Contour - quite a lot, actually.

    Maybe I did not notice it before due to an unfortunate combination of transistors, or maybe I got too distracted with the big volume difference which perhaps obscured my perception of tone changes. Or maybe I simply wasn't paying too much attention and rushed to this forum like a cry baby.

    Whichever the case, I apologize again. The kit is great. I'll gladly be using this pedal which is now precious to me as it is my own. And I hope this thread will be of help to someone in the future.

    Thank you again.


  • Hi,

    Thanks fo the enlightment :) ,no one is really affected,but sometime you just feel a bit fooled ^^ ;) .

    only what i saied,is,if you wish to come nearer to your expection of a pedal,you have to deal with it more closely ;) .

    Now have Fun with your Build :) ,and feel free to experiment with this circuit if you wan´t ;)

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