a broken bluelay, when switched off it makes a terrible noise

  • Hi to everyone!

    I am trying to assemble my first pedal (a bluelay) and for now it is a complete failure :____(

    The issue is that when I switch on the pedal it works fine. All pots respond and I can hear the effect working (with some background noise by the way). The led also works fine. But when I switch off the pedal then there is a terrible noise instead a true bypass and a complete silence.

    I reviewed all components in the PCB and there are well placed. Solder points seems also fine. I suspect that I broke the 3PDT footswitch applying too much hot on it.

    Does it make any sense to you? Is this behaviour a common sympthon of a broken switch?
    Should I try to replace the 3PDT footswitch, or should I assume that it is OK, because the led lights on and off, and the effect appears and disappears?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hey mate!
    Think you soldered the jacks in a twisted way. So if you set the pedal in off mode your signal is going to ground. Change orange to GND and black to In and as well Out. Otherwise if you got a Digital Multimeter, check the conection at the middle pin from the Footswitch to the in and Output jack with the continuity test.

    Cherrs and best

  • Aaaaawww man, I can't believe it. I screwed up the whole thing in the easiest step!! You are right, jacks were twisted.

    I Changed them and now my delay works like a charm. Now I'm half happy and half embarrassed :_)

    Thank you so much Thomas for taking your time on this!!!


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