problem with optical tremolo

  • Hi Nicolas,

    Sorry i am a little heavy (try to understand)

    No problem,so long you will understand :) .

    I see you are a record Editor,7 edit´s on one Post :) :S ^^ :thumbup:

    O.k, here we go:

    I think the problem is about the NSL-32,so;

    How could you sure if it is now same orientation as the other,without Dot and without measuring?About the lettering?The lettering isn´t an help for orientation,it could be printet other way as your other NSL.

    Think of,you have 4 possibilitys to solder in this component. with lettering upside 2 possibilitys and with lettering downside 2 possibilitys !!

    Here are some possibilitys to make sure of its right orientation and function:

    Easiest way at all is to desolder and test with component tester of it´s orientation and if it was defect.

    easiest way for you without component tester,is,if you are not to afraid,desolder both NSL-32,(on working and on non working pcb)

    than try with the working Nsl,those orientation you now,on non working pcb,and vice versa.

    Other way is t measure with Multimeter 1. where is Diode side?, with Multimeter Diode Test, 2. measuring of LDR side, if Diode side is correct connected,with engaged Pedal,but you had to know how ;)

    here is easy Signalway picture to go further with Audioprobe,if Signal passes through nsl:

    read you later,must work now :|

    best regards,


  • Hello,

    It is resolved !

    Yes Hendrix, it was the Nsl-32 that was dead.

    I put the one on the other pedal and it works.

    I put it in the same position as the other (see photos)

    I should have done this first! But, it was amazing because the nsl32 had voltage but was not working.

    And I couldn't imagine a bad solder, being that the other pedal the solders were really not nice and it worked.

    There, I had really applied myself, and concentrated.

    Anyway, thank you very much I learned a lot ! Notably the audio-probe and many things.

    And thank you very much Micha for your involvement! *** and everyone.

    Best regards, super forum 👍

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