Troubles with der muff V2.0

  • hi everybody!
    I'm a beginner in the diy effects world, I ordered a kit and crafted it, at the first test it worked very well.
    two days later I tried to use it, i plugged it and played, but when turning the bypass off to switch on the effect, no sound came out.
    I've checked every component to see if some were damaged but they all seems to be saf, i also checked all wires.
    If someone can help me i would be grateful!

  • ok, i'm definitly lost...
    I've checked every solders on every component and resoldered what to me seems wrong.
    But the effect still don't work, i wonder if i know how to properly recognize cold solderd joints, or if my mistake is something else.
    So i send some pictures of my pcb, maybe it could be useful for someone to help me.
    Thanks if you can help me and have a nice day!

  • Hi!
    Last minute news!
    I found what was wrong, one of my soler wasn't well done so there were no ful contact between the component and the pcb.
    So now it works but with an intense buzz comming from the effect

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