Die Factory fuzz help!

  • Hi!

    Just assembled the Die Factory kit, the LED works fine when the effect is engaged but the fuzzed signal is extremely low... Only when I turn my amp up real loud it is possible to hear the effect, but it's very weak. Any ideas what might be wrong? I'm getting a signal through the pedal in bypass, if that helps. Thanks!

  • Your problem could be due to several things.
    First I would check the orientation of the transistors and any electrolytic capacitors.
    I am sorry but I do not have the schematic in front of me as this is not one of mine, but then after being certain of the orientation I would re-flow all solder joints.

    Make sure every wire is solid so give a tug on all wires to be certain none of them are hanging by a thread. This includes all potentiometers at both ends.


    If that does not help I would measure and post voltages and pictures.

    I hope that helps you.

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